Amazing – This Computer Outage

I’m using a backup laptop right now, copying data from drive to drive, making sure that my work is as uninterrupted as possible. This is the 4rth Fan Error on my primary machine. I guess I got a lemon. The graphics are decent. However, they keep causing the machine to overheat. The fan just can’t keep up. And then something melts. And then I have to send it off to the shop for repair.

I would get a replacement right away. However, it won’t be until this fall before I can get a machine assigned to me with the higher-end graphics I need. I do screen recording, video processing, and also a lot of 3D internet.

So, when I get interrupted, I’m sure I have a small price to pay for being able to recover myself even for the short term, while my machine is shipped for repair. However, it’s annoying to slow dows even one iota and loose a day of online project time to do this.

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