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In this episode, Matt & Luis launch a discussion about the target main theme to the Sweettt Podcast.  They explore the difference between a podcast that functions to interview people, and one in which people participate in deep meaningful conversations.  The goal of our Sweettt Podcast is to engage is those conversations, the kind in which you would find in the cognoscenti of the 1800’s.  In Spanish, the word is “Tertulia.”  In English, perhaps the word “Salon” best fits.

If we are lucky, we’ll encounter someone as insightful and mischievous as Mark Twain.  But regardless, we will thoroughly enjoy these conversations, if for nothing else, their ability to create social events that gather our colleagues and engage in thesis, antithesis, & sysnthesis.

  • 00:30 Welcome & Introduction – “The Age of Conversation”
  • 01:50 Silly Baboons – Matt sends Luis a photo of the two of them with a caption “Silly Baboons”  Who said that podcasting is not fun?
  • 02:30 We’ve not far from the apes
  • 03:10 Great Photos – Chris Brogan getting a mention for his incredibly good photography skills, amongst many other things! heh
  • 04:00 Our Name & Brand – What should be our name?  Should we include Elsua in the brand?  Finding an identity for The Sweettt ELSUA podcast? Excuse me? (hey!  “Sweettt Elsua” hmmmm) Branding? Podcasting? Is there such a thing? Excuse me?
  • Surprise, surprise!?! We can’t comment on that one yet! (But stay tuned!)
  • 04:45 A future Elsua Podcast, in the making… ELSUA going solo podcasting! YAY!!! About time, too!
  • 05:00 Interviews & Conversations in the Enterprise 2.0 podcast space – On the importance of Enterprise 2.0 interviews… We can’t get enough of them? Fancy being one of our guests?!? Let us know!
  • Sebastian Thomschke getting a mention, too!
  • 06:50 Getting ready to bring more discussants on board
  • 07:00 Mark Masterson – is interested in joining the discussion (actually, Matt broached this with Mark back in Boston)
  • 07:00 John Mell – is interested in joining the discusion
  • 08:00 Mention of Dogear Nation and their dynamic fast-paced style of conversations. Wooohooo! Dogear-Nation getting another mention! (We highly recommend subscribing to that podcasting series, if you haven’t done so already!)
  • 10:00 In depth discussion is the goal, just like a decent long chat over coffee.  Entering the Age of Conversation and on the power of coffee!  What’s the right length of time in a podcast? The one who figures it out gets the big prize!
  • 12:13 Tertulia – Luis teaches Matt a new word.  And then “Tertulia 2.0” was born!
  • 12:50 A loud SLAP is heard
  • 13:15 An intellectual gathering… Babbelfish translates “tertulia” into ‘Social Gathering’… It’s like a Salon. Now really getting into the “Social Gathering” thing. Boy, did we have some good fun or what?
  • 14:11 What is a Salon?
  • 14:30 Tertulia definitely has a strong intellectual component, highly social, intense discussion, very intellectually stimulating
  • 15:30 A cocktail party among the cogniscenti.  This is a Salon.  Tom Short, former IBMer and good friend of ours, gets a mention when talking about the concept of “Salons”. Yes, we are still in search of that identity for the podcast!
  • 16:50 The kind of discussion that Mark Twain would be found within.   Oh, oh, we are now about to get in trouble. Mark Twain coming up on the show, too!
  • 17:40 Agreement, disagreement… Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.  Maybe we just nailed the identity of The Sweettt ELSUA Show: Tertulia 2.0!
  • 18:20 Luis attacks a poor defenseless creature.
  • 18:40 And THAT’s how you share knowledge!!  BAP!!!
  • 19:15 Finish


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  2. Matt / Luis,

    Great conversation. I like the idea of laying out your overall strategy to you listeners, thru the discussion. The new site design is also much cleaner… Looking good!


  3. Hi Michael! Thanks much for dropping by and for the heads up! Yeah, we thought that would be the best way to get things going. More than anything else because then other folks can have their say in how we are shaping up the podcast. So far so good! Really enjoying the experience, but what’s more important is that other folks are enjoying it, too! heh

    Hey, by the way, enjoyed your tweet from over the weekend: http://is.gd/1TgE … Yeah, I try not to, but Matt just keeps bringing in so many good things that I want to comment on them all! 😛

    (I will try to refrain myself for upcoming episodes, though, hehe)

    Thanks again for the feedback and you guys keep up doing such a lovely piece of work with Dogear-Nation!

  4. Hi Michael, thanks! I’m really glad you like it. And thanks for the feedback on the design. More to come.

  5. Yeah Luis, it was funny because the whole point was on long thoughts and no interruptions.. so that the conversation continues. and you kept interrupting … lol!!! I had to laugh.

  6. LOL! That’s a very good point! And guess I got carried away with all of the excitement on that very same conversation! I will have to tame myself in future episodes and try not to interrupt Matt. Like I said, I am going to try it out, but there is no guarantee that it will happen, and Matt knows me rather well on that one! heh But sure thing, Mike, point well taken & will accommodate accordingly!

    PD. Glad we made you laugh, too! :-)

  7. Luis, don’t change a thing. Remember Rob Cross’ reports on social network analysis? If we did an SNA on ‘energizer’ – among all the people in your network, who makes you feel energized… THAT is the thing you are doing right now, I think. You make people feel great about themselves and the work they are doing because of your upbeat approach to all this interpersonal enterprise 2.0 space. People love that, like bees to honey.

    You and I’ve been riffing on all kinds of topics over the past 8 years or so.

    The great thing about talking with you, Luis, is that anyone only has to suggest a thought… and that’s enough to trigger you to totally expand on it. (in fact we al do this with each other) And then, while you’re expanding on it, no doubt you will throw in a thing or two I haven’t thought of. And when that happens, it triggers me to expand on a few things… and so it goes… they tell two friends… and so on… and so on…

    Seriously though, after commuting back to the east coast from Hawaii… I was talking so slow that if anyone participated in the discussion, it would have been an interruption. The ideas were in the brain. But instead of the usual sea water… they were swimming through jello.

  8. RE: ” and that’s enough to trigger you to totally expand on it. And then, while you’re expanding on it, no doubt you will throw in a thing or two I haven’t thought of. And when that happens, it triggers me to expand on a few things… and so it goes… they tell two friends… and so on… and so on…” >> ahhh, I now see the reason why we keep hanging in there with all of the discussions going on and taking a bit longer than expected. We just keep adding on, indeed! Must say that in previous comments I mentioned “I would try”, but it looks like you Matt already know the exact end result of it all! 😀
    (Loving it!)

  9. Well… that’s one of the mysterious things… I really don’t know the exact end result of it all… I just really know that you and I keep expanding on each other’s ideas, which is all any participant in a decent discussion could hope for. And by that, my friend, I mean that these conversations, from my point of view, is decent, and worth our time.

    You are a busy man. I wouldn’t want to waste your time on meaningless drivel; Nor you I. If your interruption of my words, and my interruptions of your words, weren’t thoroughly worth both of our time,… I would say, let’s pack up and put this thing in a coffin and bury it and then dig it up and then drive a steak in its heart. LOL 😉

    But instead, I say… HOLY COW… I never thought you were going that direction… if you said that… then this means this… and then, that means that… and then… oh wow… look what we found! :-)

    So, no… I reject this notion of wisdom and foresight. I believe that we are socially constructing meaning right now. And there’s no accounting for what hasn’t happened yet.

    These conversations are alive. The only thing that kills them when they are cut short.

  10. Amen to that, Matt! I couldn’t have said it with much better words than those! Long life the conversation with interruptions! Yay! heh Look forward to the next one! 😉

  11. Hi guys, great podcast! I have to admit I was puzzled at the beginning when you were referring to stuff we listeners could not see and talking about planning the podcast. I thought maybe you had uploaded the wrong file. But once I got past that whole Rod Serling aspect and caught on, it was quite fun and interesting. PodNova had a little trouble indexing the feed but seems to have locked on now and your Episode #5 is on my MP3 player. I’ll be listening to that one later tonight. Keep up the good work!

    — T.Rob
    The Deep Queue – a podcast about WebSphere MQ security

  12. Awesome, TRob! I’m really glad that you like it. Thanks for the feedback on PodNova. The default feed in 1 Man’s Blog theme is a bit imperfect. So, we’ll have to watch this.

  13. Hiya T.Rob! Like Matt said, thanks much for all of the feedback comments and really glad to hear you are enjoying the show! I really appreciate as well the link love you have been sending to promote it and the work on PodNova. It is *greatly* appreciated and we hope to have you on the show some time soon! That would be a blast!

    Thanks again and we will speak to you soon!

  14. Hi, liked the chat & contrast to dogear-nation. Prefer your style of going deeply into topics, talking about things (and not yourselves) & no incessant laughter in the background…

    Also enjoyed the fly killing :-)

  15. Hi Stephen! Thanks much for the kind feedback! Glad you are enjoying the podcasting series and that you also enjoy the format. Yes, we thought about focusing on something unique and we pretty much came up with what we think is going to be the format that would help us get the most out of each other. We are enjoying it tremendously and although the episodes we are recording are much longer, we decided to slice them into shorter chunks for easy digesting / listening. Glad that format of focusing on topics deeply works out for you. Excellent stuff!

    Thanks for the kind comments!

    PS. RE: The incident of the fly, yeah, that was very spontaneous! The fly was just passing by and you know that feeling when there is something that is really annnoying you and you want to do something? Well, yeah, SMACK!!!, that’s what I did! Man, I couldn’t stop laughing myself while I was listening to the episode! And I needed it quite a bit! heh Too funny!

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