Sweettt.com – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast

Hi folks! In this Episode, Luis and I discuss how we are going to handle the logistics of our podcast (e.g. length, number of topics, how to post, how to handle show notes, etc.)  We both want to make sure that we’re using the time to create quality for ourselves and our listeners.  And so, we need to figure out the right format for getting those great conversations we’ve been having into a publishable & consumable podcast.

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Tune in and listen to the kinds of things we’re planning to do.  Are we on track?  Is this what makes for a great podcast?  What would you do differently?  If you were creating your own podcast, would you consider this good advice?

Show Notes

00:30 – Introduction
00:50 – We’ve actually up to the 5th episode with this one
01:15 – Previously, on Sweettt.com…
01:50 – Maybe we should use the word Tertulia.
02:15 – Tertulia is already used.  But not Sweettt Tertulia – Place to be… This is quite an exotic word, not English.  Anything not English is exotic, right?
03:35 – The topic of conversations is really the focus here.  If you focus the conversation, what do you get?  Let’s consider all the things we could do, or should do with this podcast.
04:15 – A good podcast will focus on just one or two topics.
06:00 – We hit 113 downloads from Sweettt.com when we checked on Episode 3
07:30 – Doug Cornelius – says that a good blog post should focus on one topic, and shouldn’t go over 20 or 30 minutes, just enough time for a short commute.  My god!  How are we going to cut this down?  We just did an hour and a half!!!  Answer – stay with one topic.
09:45 – We can stick with one topic and really enjoy the subtopics within that one major topic.
10:20 – Very few podcasts that we like go over 30 minutes on average.
11:45 – And so how in the world did we end up recording an hour and a half???  It didn’t feel like it was that long at all.
12:30 – We got lots of feedback from people saying that they really liked the podcast.  But not a single person told us it was too long.  Wake up people!!
13:00 – We think that people enjoyed it because it was an introduction.  And so they forgave the length of it, or maybe didn’t notice the length of it. Hmmmm QUESTION – Is it really a problem when it’s over 30 minutes?
14:00 – 30 minutes can be great for the listener.  However, it’s a challenge for the non-razzle-dazzle-em discussants.  We really were into the discussion.  We weren’t putting on a show.  If we artificially stop at 30 minutes, it will really cause the conversation to suffer.
15:30 – Does it make sense to split a longer recording into mutiple episodes?
15:55 – Other podcasts in the area of KM have done just this.  There was no need for a hard stop.  Instead, the post production edit simply found the natural transition time, that occured naturally in the middle of the conversation.  This was the split point, where it can be divided into multiple parts.
17:25 – Next question – When do you post the episodes?  Post all 3 at the same time?  Or should we post and wait a bit?
18:15 – Matt Moore – http://engineerswithoutfears.blogspot.com/ – Whenever he does a podcast, if it is too long, he splits it up & posts each subsequent episodes one day apart.

(oh!  THAT Matt Moore!!  Hi Matt!!!  When I was listening to Luis, I thought he said ‘Mark.”  Of COURSE I know Matt Moore.  He was my great KM colleague in Australia who always reminded me of the timezone difference for the all the KM calls… that and many other things we discussed via **cough** email.)

19:20 – Actually tracking topics by minutes and seconds can enable the listener to track where to listen to various things within a posted recording.
20:00 – By creating lots of content and pacing how people can digest the content, people don’t get
20:45 – Matt is invited to join the Sweettt Discussion in the future!  (How in the world are we going to get into the Australian time zone?  We should reach out to Stephen Collins too.)
21:00 – How do you create show notes?  What can you do with show notes?  What can you do with the work products that come from listening to the episode again?  Can we use show notes AND also expand out this content into blog entries or other articles?
23:00 – 2 Options – bullet outline of podcast vs. extended blogpost – The blog post option would really create a lot of content.
24:00 – Make sure that you don’t include the blog post inside the same podcast posting.
25:30 – It’s important to keep shownotes brief, and to the point, so that people can listen and then comment.
25:45 – Keep the blog posts and podcasts in seperately posts.
26:00 – We wonder how to post podcasts and blogs at the same site and to keep the podcasts and the blog posts seperately.
27:00 – Using WordPress, we can use pages.
28:30 – We have our solution!  :-)  Our approach will be to have great discussions that won’t be interrupted, and then to split them into more digestible pieces.
30:30 – We don’t want to just talk at people.  But a little bit of pazzaz can be fun too.
31:00 – END

Check out, also, Luis’ blog about Sweettt.com – Episode 5 – How to Make a Great Podcast


  1. […] already, over at Sweettt.com, Matt Simpson, co-host along with myself of The Sweettt Show, has just created a blog post a few hours ago, where he is sharing the next episode from our podcasting series on the topic of […]

  2. As a Spanish talking person, I love the term tertulia . It’s a great word!

    Great podcast! I really enjoyed this chapter!

    Now regarding on the length of the podcast: the podcasts I listen to are usually refrained to the 30 minutes barrier. Depending on the topic, you could go the “extra mile”. The idea to break it into several pieces sounds great!

    Probably some transitions at the beginning and at the end of each piece would help your audience to see where they are going or where they left…You may even do the “Lucas effect” going back and do some follow up (prequels, he called them!) to compliment the initial thoughts…

    I will check the rest of the chapters (the first ones, I’m doing the Lucas thing)…

    Have a good one!

  3. Julio, thanks for the great comments! :-)

    Como persona con capacidad muy limitada de hablar español, también tengo gusto de este término mucho. Es un placer para oír que éste le tiene sentido en su lengua materna. También tengo gusto de la idea de corregir las introducciones un poco. ¿Podría usted darnos algunas ideas después de que usted escuche los episodios? ¿Cómo este trabajo en nuestro caso?

    As a person with very limited ability to speak spanish, I also like this term very much. It’s a delight to hear that this makes sense to you in your mother tongue. I also like the idea of editing the introductions a little. Could you give us some ideas after you listen to the episodes? How would this work in our case?

  4. I can’t believe I just listened to 30 minutes of you guys deciding that your podcasts should be 30 minutes long.

    At least you got the length right. You earlier podcasts are still on partially listened on my iPod.

    Kidding aside, I do enjoy what you two are doing. It is great not see what you two are thinking about, but to also hear you verbalize the thoughts.

  5. @doug Whereas the parties of the first part did, in as much as they were verbalizing their thinking that they were merely parties of the first part, wonder what were the thoughts and sentiments of the parties of the second part, and whereas they merely were considering the attentional capacity of the parties of the second part, wherein it was known that the these said parties were duty bound by work experienced at their destination, after a mere 30 minutes of commute, these first parties were made happy that said second parties did even allocate the time and attention necessary to hear the thinking about thinking. And they said “woot.”

  6. WHEREAS, the party of the first part did provide good and valuable consideration, which is hereby acknowledged; and

    WHEREAS, the party of second party is possibly providing good and valuable blogginess, and

    WHEREAS, Habeus Corpus, Ipso Facto and Nun Pro Tunc,

    The parties hereby agree to the «woot.»

  7. Hi Julio César! WOW! Thanks much for those comments and for the kind input! It is greatly appreciated and I, too, feel we may have just landed at the right page with the usage of “Tertulia” for the podcast.

    I just can’t believe that Matt put himself through the test of translating English text into Spanish! Man, *that* was funny! LOL Matt, you should do that more often! Cracking up over here while going through that! haha

    Oh, and talking about cracking, what’s going on with you and Doug?!?! Man, it looks like you got into some serious fun over there! I had to read it three times to make sense of it all! Oh la la I just can’t believe I have said that! Oh oh … I am in trouble now!

    Thanks much, guys, Julio César and Doug. Glad you are enjoying the show and look forward to upcoming episodes! Have fun!

  8. Here I go again…

    I just remembered that something else was missing from the podcast and I didn’t include in my first comment: a logo for the podcast! (my coverflow in iTunes felt somehow naked, you now…)

    I know you were not asking for it, but I took like 15 minutes and I put some ideas together and voilá: a suggestion for a logo.

    Find it at: http://www.slideshare.net/jcesarmo/sweettt-tertulia-presentation/#

  9. Regarding my last comment: don’t feel obliged in any way to use the logo, it was only a suggestion, nothing else! :)

    That’s all.

  10. Hi Julio César! WOW!!! Fantastic! Thanks for the great comments and for venturing into putting together such a lovely logo. I can’t confirm whether we would go for it or not, i.e. would need to speak to Matt first, but I like the picture quite a bit, although I think we would need to check out the letters further… Not very much convinced about them, hehe, but the photo is beautiful! Thinking as well of putting together a logo that would share the idea of a “tertulia”, like the one from the header of sweettt.com. Not sure whether you may have bumped into images along those lines, but if you do let us know! They may well be part of our logo!
    WOW! Fantastic! Thanks ever so much, Julio César. I will leave it to Matt to comment further, but *really* your help to contribute! Beautiful! Have a great weekend!!

  11. What perfect timing. :-) Check out Episode 6. If all goes well, it’s got a logo!!

  12. That’s a great logo! :)

    And even better podcast!

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