Google Announces OpenSocial, a Social Software Service

Google OpenSocial
Google Announces OpenSocial
Picked up on TechMeme, Google announced yesterday that it would provide OpenSocial, described as a set of open APIs for building social computing applications across the net.

Now that mini apps have already covered everything from recipes to books to friends of friends on places like Facebook, there is a strong need for a means through which the typical end user can get their “about you” from Facebook, to Linked-In, Xing, Friendster, Blogger, and yes, even to the old-fashioned personal website (even though it’s driven by a CMS like Drupal, WordPress, Mambo, Joomla, etc.) However, I don’t yet understand what this would be like in the hands of Google.

Relatively new to all this, it seems that Google is the grand master of mashable web services. I’m glad to see that they are rushing into the fray and providing a solution in this space. But does this mean that in order to use the service that one must have their content hosted by Google? Will the service be able to support the integration of content from other sites?

Today, if I want to grab the content from each application, I need to post a reader on one site and point it to content on another. If the content is available through syndication, then the connection can be made. Is that enough? What might the Google service introduce into that pattern?

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