Hard Drive Crash

DEAD Dead dead - A dead hard drive really is a pain in the keyboard
DEAD Dead dead - A dead hard drive really is a pain in the keyboard
Tuesday evening my hard drive crashed. I was on the machine, tinkering around, and then it went completely dark, as if someone pulled the powercord and the battery at the same time. This had been happening recently. But of course, instead of seeing this as a symptom of something much more sinister, I chalked it up to video drive conflict with Second Life. But alas, I wasn’t able to restart windows. It would go to the logon screen and just hang.

But the hope was that only some specific spot on the drive was corrupt, preventing it from booting, and that once I was able to mount it on a different system, I could see the data and copy it.

And then the fun began…

Wednesday, I call for help and the overnight shipments go out the door. Thursday, the shipments arrive: one unformatted replacement 100 gig ahard drive, one hard drive adapter, one USB remote 40 gig hard drive to backup my data in the future.

And so I: Installed the new unformatted drive and downloaded an image from our internal network, tried to see the old hard drive on the new system (and couldn’t,) and downloaded software from http://datadoctor.org & ran it overnight to recover the data on the old drive.

And that’s where I’m at right now. This is a very very slow process.

And so now I’m thinking about hard drive backup and recovery… OF COURSE.

… which has me looking at a number of solutions:

Drobo (& DroboShare)

CNET’s Top 5 Storage Drives and

CNET’s Top Network Attached Storage Drives

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