Me Too vs. Substance

Sometimes you\'re in the weeds
Sometimes you\'re in the weeds
Substance – One of the reasons I struggle so much with creating blog posts is that there is already so much out there being said. Most of the time I’m in learning mode. I don’t feel compelled to be the socialite who says “hello” and “peek a boo” to every single person who says anything. And perhaps my hubris is that I don’t have an urge to be the first geek to make a statement on a new trend or a new technology.

And so this leaves me with little to say in the primordial blog-o-soup.

Should we advocate that each and every blog post be a significant contribution? Should everything be unique? If it’s just a me-too, well… We could always flag it as a me-too and move on, just like in the usenet and netnews bbs. I think we can recognize something is a me-too, and react to it based on that, and also be on the lookout for something unique.

Will this be yet another dimestore variety unique blog?
Will this be yet another dimestore variety unique blog?
IF Each Blog Post Said Something Unique – then we would have an online world where news would not spread. I think there literally are so many things that can be said on a topic. However, there can be hundreds of writers, blogging about the topic. The result is a lot of blog posts that have a lot of overlap with one another. And I think that’s okay, especially with only so many readers out there, and the needs to pick up the buzz. If, within then whole internet, there was only one writer per unique topic, or if each blog post was actually something unique, then it would be all the more difficult to actually bump into the news surreptitiously.

And It’s Good To Actually Apply Some Thought. The alternative is a copy-and-paste world where little is said and much is echoed. Personally, I’m going to strive to say something new, something unique. I think the quality is in the striving.

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