Sweettt.com – Episode 3 – New Cohost – We’re Going Enterprise 2.0

Hi Everyone.  I am very pleased to announce that Sweettt.com has a new cohost.  This person is very well known by many people within Enterprise 2.0 and Knowledge Management… a long-time friend and collaborator of mine… a person with whom we will be able to explore many topics and discussions in the E2.0 space.  Tune in, and listen.  :-)

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Wordle for This Episode

– Matt Simpson


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  2. ha ha ha, Lewis called this The Sweettt Show. The Michaels called it Sweet Tea… what’s next?

  3. […] hoping they have something similar at the T&M.  And, as Louis Suarez and Matt Simpson noted in the Sweettt podcast, the value in these conferences is more in the social networking than the […]

  4. Ha! I knew it before the beginning! It could only be Luis.

    Greetings from Berlin to both of you,


  5. Hi Sebastian! :-) With an introduction like that, it was certainly likely to be Luis, indeed! Stay tuned. Our next episode is soon to be posted. We hope you like it.

  6. Someone wrote me an email saying that the music sounded like 70’s porn music. LOL!!!

    It was in the Funk genre, yes… and yes… I guess it’s the kind of stuff some producer might want to put in a porn movie… not that I’ve ever heard or seen one…

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