Sweettt.com – Episode 10 – Information Flow – Part 1

In this episode, the discussion covers addiction to information sources.  This is the first of a 3-part series on information overload.  If you don’t feel overloaded, then consider this information flow.  When we say “flow,” think Csíkszentmihályi

  • Are we in a world that overloads us?  Are we overwhelmed?  Or, do we find ourselves in an abundant net, enriching our minds in limitless ways?
  • How can we handle so much information?
  • What if you miss something?
  • Have your parents taught you personal twitter hygiene?
  • Twitter overload, what do you do about it?  See Twitter Whore 1 & Twitter Whore 2
  • Who do you ignore?  On what ground can you ignore someone?  Is ignoring something really taboo, or our dirty little secret?
  • Under what circumstances will you allow someone else to control you?
  • How addictive is email?  see also Roo Reynolds & Suw Charman-Anderson
  • Can we be more productive?  see 20 Tech Habits to Improve Your Life

Please let us know what you think.  Join the discussion in the comments below.

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