Sweettt.com – Episode 9 – Put Your Innovation Where Your Mouth Is – Part 2 of August 22nd Discussion

When you think about adoption of innovation within an enterprise,  how important is innovation to the workplace, really?   Is all our talk about innovation just hype, when it comes down to it?

We kickoff this episode as a continuation of our August 22nd discussion, and launch into this topic by talking about Cattail as an example of an innovation that people have started to use for business purposes, yet doing so without being aware that it was only intended for research purposes.  Luis recently delivered a presentation to the IBM knowledge management community, demonstrating how to use Cattail.  During the presentation, the creator of Cattail, Jonathan Feinberg, was answering questions in the back channel chat and on the phone.

(note – Jonathan, by the way, is the creator of Wordle, the thing that creates those images we’ve been using here).

Getting access to a new technology is great.  But what happens when people want full production support for the new tool and it’s not supported?  The innovator often isn’t ready or willing to provide the level of support necessary to use the new invention for business purposes.  It’s a real problem when end users think that inventions are supported in full production when they really are not.  It puts a lot of pressure on the invention team and the full production team.  And the end users don’t get what they expect and often get frustrated and confused.

Should everyone already know that they should not trust the innovation to retain their data?  Does everyone automatically know that they must keep a local backup?  Is there anything to be concerned about while we encourage people to adopt new technology?  Should we assume that everyone knows how to take care of themselves?  Who’s responsibility is it to protect the early adopter?  Should the power users do it?  Should the system do it?  Or, should the enterprise do it?  Here are the big questions that the CIO organization has relative to innovation.

What is the relationship between the innovation team and the full production team?  Where is innovation happening, inside or outside of the enterprise?  And what is an enterprise willing to do to access it?  Must they reinvent or redeploy?

The adoption of  certain functionality and capability cannot be stopped, no matter what.  Certain things are inevitable among effective knowledge workers.


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