UPDATE – iTunes Feed is Repaired

I fixed the ability to Subscribe to Sweettt.com using iTunes.

For quite some time, iTunes was working just fine.  And then, for some strange reason, it all went kerfloowee.  Everyone’s subscription was broken.  And the ability to resubscribe via the iTunes Store died.  After numberous attempts to fix the problem, my faith in the iTunes Store was shattered.

Today, you can subscribe via iTunes easily.  Just click the link, Subscribe via iTunes.

How did we fix it?  We abandoned the iTunes store.  It just doesn’t work.  It’s too complicated, fragile, unreliable, and time intensive.  It sucks up all the time that could better be spent creating content.  So… Apple iTunes Store, I’m sorry, but I have to sunset our use of your service.  Don’t worry though.  We’re still promoting the iTunes product at the top of my list.


– Matt Simpson


  1. […] I thought I would pick up the subject again, specially after talking to Matt and announcing we have fixed the issues with the iTunes store (Finally, you can now subscribed to our podcast by going into this link!) and let you know that […]

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